A lot comes to mind when one plans to relocate to a foreign country. On top are questions bordering on survival, cohabitation, peaceful coexistence with people of different backgrounds and cultures, the best way to getting accustomed to new environment, and what have you. These questions are very important, and require not only oral answers but practical guides and direction on how one can peacefully plan and execute relocation to a foreign country without any qualms. This article contains some key guides on not only what one must know before relocating to Canada but also what one must put in place within few days of arrival to Canada.



1. Best Season/Time to Relocate

There is no best time to relocate to Canada. It all depends on one's aim for relocation to Canada. In other words, what determines one's 'best' time to relocate to Canada depends on the following factors: to socialize and meet new people, to secure a good job or to enroll oneself or kids to school. If one's aim for relocation is to secure a good job, meet and socialize with people from other nations of the world, Spring/Summer is the best time. On the other hand, if one's aim is to enroll one's kids in school, September is the best time. So, when one is considering best time, one must also do that alongside one's aim, and adjust when and where necessary.


2. Visa

Visa is a necessary item in one's plans for relocation to a foreign country. To relocate to Canada, one needs a visa. The best option in this respect at this moment is what is called: Express Entry System which is an application management system used by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage and process applications received through three of Canada's federal economic immigration programmes mainly for skilled workers. Express Entry System is quite competitive. It's competitive in that it ranks all qualified candidates against one another and then invites the best ranking candidate(s) to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. However, it is best and simplest option. All things being equal, the entire process cannot exceed six months.


3. Medical Examination

Every immigrant who plans to live in Canada for more than 6 months is required to undergo a medical examination by a panel of physicians which must have the approval of the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Medical examination is not optional but a necessary part of the process of relocation.


4. Education

Education sector in Canada is given utmost attention, especially tertiary institutions. No wonder they are rated among the best in the world. Canada has free education for students of public institution. No doubt, Canada is an excellent destination for people who plan to further their education in a foreign country.


5. Official Language

Canada has language duality. French and English are considered as official. So, one requires some level of proficiency in one of the two languages. However, proficiency in the two languages is added advantage. To successfully go through the application process, one also needs some level of proficiency in one of the languages.


6. Healthcare

Contrary to the speculations making the round that Canadian healthcare is completely free, it is important to note here that it is only free except for new immigrants to Canada because there is a publicly-funded healthcare system meant for that purpose. Even to newcomers, it is not completely free as there are other expenses accrued like trip to meet a doctor or healthcare centre.


7. Transportation

The driver's license to drive in Canada is not the one issued to you at your home country. Every province in Canada has its own procedure in obtaining driver'…


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