Since the outbreak and eventual spread of Covid-19 across the globe, there have been different views and interpretation about the virus.

Whereas some people believe it is real, some others believe it's a hoax. There are still other set of people who believe that it doesn't affect those in the tropics as much as it affects people in the temperate regions of the world.

Other speculation also have it that the world can never come together again. That there can never be a gathering of people anymore.

At a certain point, I was very afraid and confused as I was surrounded by people of different thoughts and views about the novel corona virus. The virus came with many interpretations. Some believed that some identified individuals in the Western world manufactured the virus in order to produce a poisonous vaccine which they will use to reduce world population (especially the African population).

There were also speculations that since the virus first broke out in China, perhaps China wanted to use the virus as a weapon to win the world power. Similarly, this set of people also believed that China used the virus as a ploy to run down the world economy in order to put theirs above every other country. As a matter of fact, nobody knew where the world was headed.

Those who were in school ceased the hope of returning to school as it seemed as though the novel virus built most of its mansions in schools, and eventually, it entered into churches too.

I can still remember vividly what happened immediately the virus broke out, and was named. Students, both those in the lower and higher institutions of learning were asked to stay at home some few days to enable government and medical experts monitor the behaviour of the virus. Days grew into weeks, weeks into months, and nothing seemed to be improving. It seemed as though the world was not getting to the solution of the problem.

The whole situation was quite confusing, especially in most part of Africa, that students would be asked to resume, and after sometimes, they would be asked to sit at home again.

During the hit of the virus, many gave up on school. The circumstance affected mainly international students. Those who were already in school but were compelled to study from home when the virus broke out and those other students aspiring to study abroad, who were at the point of processing their visas and other relevant documents for their higher education abroad, and were taken unawares by the outbreak of the novel corona virus.

For me, when all these things were happening, education, as the most powerful weapon, which one can use to change the world, as Nelson Mandela would succinctly put it, came crumbling. It was as if there was no hope for the education sector as the sector was mostly effected by the virus outbreak.

Even now, most universities abroad are still running online programmes as a result of corona virus. Some aspiring international students are even skeptical of undergoing the process of studying abroad as they are afraid of being affected midstream by the novel corona virus.

Whereas the concern is legitimate, the end of this article is to inform you how it has become easier to travel and study in Australia now more than ever before.

 The benefits of traveling for studies in Australia under the current corona virus pandemic include:

> The Australian government has a new plan to formulate new rules for foreign students that will be more in tune with those of other competitive countries.

> There will be fee waivers for students compelled to extend their stay in Australia because of the pandemic.

> International students have been placed as a priority group in the government's programme for any managed border entry arrangements. This will include isolation arrangement and monitoring processes.

> Just around the corner is the release of the Australian long-awaited student visa flexibility package.

> In Australia currently, the government has granted foreign PhD graduates up to four years post-study work rights.

It is a known fact that before the pandemic, getting admission to study in Australia was not something so easy. Very difficult also was securing Australian visa for travel.

However, at a point, many students who hitherto had the 'big dreams' of undergoing either their undergraduate or graduate programme in Australia became shattered. They are now very doubtful of the stability of education system abroad. But the good government of the country is making things easier for foreign students to travel and study in Australia without much qualms.

This, no doubt, has made it easier for people aiming to travel to Australia for their education to secure both visa and admission easily. Competition is much lesser now than it used to be. Hence any student who wishes to run his/her undergraduate/graduate programme is advised through this article to rush while the offer lasts.  As the saying goes, "A stitch in time saves nine."


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