2021 Canada Immigration: How to Easily Migrate to Canada on Express Entry

Every movement of an individual from one country to another is done systematically and procedurally. In other words, there is always an established system that guides, directs and regulates how one moves to live in a foreign country. Find below a detailed discussion on how to easily migrate to Canada through Express Entry.

 The Basics of Express Entry Immigration to Canada

 Canada Express Entry: What it is All About

Canada Express Entry is an application management system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage and process applications received through three of Canada's federal economic immigration programmes for skilled workers.

It is pertinent to point out here that Express Entry is a competitive programme. It is competitive in that it ranks all qualified candidates against one another, and then invites the best ranking candidate(s) to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. Experience, education, age and language proficiency determine how candidates are ranked against one another.

With Express Immigration Selection System, individuals and families around the globe can easily immigrate to Canada within just a few months. Express Entry, since 2015, has become the main driver of skilled worker Immigration to Canada.

How to Create Your Express Entry Profile

Three important documents are required to successfully create and submit your Express Entry Profile. The documents are as follows:

1. Passport: To create and submit Express Entry Profile, a valid passport of an applicant is required. In very rare cases, other valid means of identification can be accepted at a time when it is impossible to obtain a passport.

2. Language Test: As an Express Entry candidate, one is expected to demonstrate some level of proficiency in either English language or French. So, to qualify to submit your profile, you need an approved language test with official test scores. Those inclined in the English language are required to either take CELPIP or IELTS. For French, it is either TEF or TCF exam.

3. Assessment of Educational Credentials: In the assessment of non-Canadian educational qualification, Canadian standards are applied. The idea is to ensure that applicants are deserving, and truly earned their credentials. However, education is only a mandatory requirement for Federal Skilled Worker Class.

How Does Express Entry Canada Works? A Step-by-step Approach for Application

1. Creation of an Express Entry Profile: Express Entry Profile is required and must be submitted by all eligible individuals. After a successful submission of profile, candidates will automatically receive a score based on their profile, and candidates are ranked based on the profile assessment in the pool.

The bases for the ranking score for Express Entry is Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and is out of 1,200 points. The higher a candidate's CRS score, the higher the likelihood they will receive an invitation to apply. Steps are also provided for candidates who wish to improve on CRS score.

2. Eligibility: The following federal economic immigration programmes determine the eligibility of Express Entry Applicants: The Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) or the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC).

In order to be partakers of the Express Entry pool, candidates must be eligible in any of the three federal programmes.

Whichever Express Entry-aligned programme an individual wishes to undertake, what is important and general here is that all candidates are required to have, at least, one year of skilled work experience, as well as a certain level of proficiency on an approved language test in either French or English language. Also, it pertinent to note that the process involves screening of candidates for criminal history and medical issues. Any negative result(s) on any of these could lead to inadmissibility of such candidate(s).

(3) Invitation for Application: At regular intervals, Immigration, Refuges and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducts Express Entry draws. After the Express Entry draws, candidates above a certain rank are invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence. For candidates who are not invited at the end of the process, their profiles expire after one year. If one's Profile expires, one will need to create and submit a new profile.

(4) Submission of Application for Permanent Residence: Applicants are given 60 days to submit their complete application for permanent residence when they receive invitation to apply. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, applicants have been given 90 days to complete their application. The entire application is submitted electronically with personal details and supporting documents.

Application Duration for Express Entry Immigration to Canada

The main import of Express Entry is to provide fast and easy Immigration to Canada. The entire process takes maximum of six months. However, there are variables that may make it impossible for one to get through the process within the stipulated period. The factors include but not limited to the following: low score in CRS, delay after invitation.

 Cost of Immigration to Canada through Express Entry

Below are some of the required costs associated with Express Entry Immigration to Canada

> Language Test - USD $200+

> Educational Credential Assessment - USD $200+

> Police Clearance Certificate(s) - USD $100

> Medical Report - USD $200+

> Representation by a Lawyer or Regulated Consultant - USD $2,000 - $5,000

> Processing Fee - USD $825

> Right of Permanent Residence Fee - USD $500.


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