A lot comes to mind when one plans to relocate to a foreign country. On top are questions bordering on survival, cohabitation, peaceful coexistence with people of different backgrounds and cultures, the best way to getting accustomed to new environment, and what have you. These questions are very important, and require not only oral answers but practical guides and direction on how one can peacefully plan and execute relocation to a foreign country without any qualms. This article contains some key guides on not only what one must know before relocating to Canada but also what one must put in place within few days of arrival to Canada.   IMPORTANT TIPS TO NOTE BEFORE MOVING TO CANADA 1. Best Season/Time to Relocate There is no best time to relocate to Canada. It all depends on one's aim for relocation to Canada. In other words, what determines one's 'best' time to relocate to Canada depends on the following factors: to socialize and meet new people, to secure

Postgraduate Master's Programme in the UK: What You Must Know (Exclusive)

It goes without saying that most universities in the UK are renowned in their quality of teaching and research, especially at postgraduate studies level. It's also not in doubt, the immense recognition employers of labour have for people with the UK high academic certifications. This is very obviously noticeable with students from developing countries of Africa and Asia continents, who have the opportunity to study and obtain higher degrees from UK universities. For candidates from developing countries who wish to immerse themselves with the knowledge of the English language, the UK is their best option. Generally speaking, the UK has a fantastic and exciting community of students and academics. Upon completion of your postgraduate Master's degree in the UK, there will be great improvement in your career prospects; you will earn more because of the high recognition of the UK Master's degree all over the world. It will also help you to easily organize your academic schedu


The US, no doubt, is the best destination for every aspiring postgraduate student who wishes to study abroad. The country has the best universities in the whole wide world. Even students from most developed countries of the world like the UK, Canada, Australia, etc., make the US their perfect destination for their postgraduate studies. The reason for their choice of the US is not farfetched. There are numerous graduate programmes where, especially, international postgraduate students can benefit from. Many have benefited and the programmes are still open for all qualified students to benefit from. The importance of guidance for foreign students who wish to study abroad cannot be overemphasized. There are many things one needs to understand in one's proposed country of study. The US is a unique country with 50 states, housing people of divergent, cultural, political and religious backgrounds. As far as you're an international student studying in the US, just understand that o

Undergraduate Degree Programme in the UK - All You Need to Know (Exclusive)

Bachelor's degree which is also referred to as baccalaureate is the lowest or first academic degree conferred by universities and colleges. In other words, Bachelor's programme is an academic programme which leads to the award of such qualifications as Bachelor of Science (MSc), Bachelor of Art (BA), or Bachelor of Medicine (BM) when successfully completed. Bachelor's degree programme takes between 3 - 4 years to complete. However, professional courses like medicine and law take longer period of time to complete. A Higher National Diploma (HND) holder who wishes to top up to degree needs only one year to achieve that. Topping up for HND holders to Honours level is usually very important as that helps to open up further opportunities.    UK Universities to Consider for Your Degree Programme > Arden University > Aston University > Nottingham University > Trent University > The University of Hertfordshire > London Metropolitan University


Since the outbreak and eventual spread of Covid-19 across the globe, there have been different views and interpretation about the virus. Whereas some people believe it is real, some others believe it's a hoax. There are still other set of people who believe that it doesn't affect those in the tropics as much as it affects people in the temperate regions of the world. Other speculation also have it that the world can never come together again. That there can never be a gathering of people anymore. At a certain point, I was very afraid and confused as I was surrounded by people of different thoughts and views about the novel corona virus. The virus came with many interpretations. Some believed that some identified individuals in the Western world manufactured the virus in order to produce a poisonous vaccine which they will use to reduce world population (especially the African population). There were also speculations that since the virus first broke out in China, perha


Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It is a terminal research degree - the highest of academic degrees conferred by a college or university. Many PhD students, especially those from developing countries of the world make the UK their first choice because the UK universities are topnotch in academic research and development. PhD programme in the UK is based around a substantial research project in any area of one's academic interest. The average length of a PhD thesis is typically up to 80,000 words. A finished PhD thesis is usually defended in an oral examination before a panel of experts in a student's area of interest. Duration for PhD in the UK is six years for part-time and three years for full time.    PHD RESEARCH PROPOSAL Every student applying for a PhD in the UK requires a research proposal. Your PhD research proposal should include date of enrolment in the programme and expected date of completion, content, background, objectives, scope, methodology and appr


Corona virus disease which is also referred to as covid-19 is an illness caused by a novel corona virus called severe acute respiratory syndrome. It was first identified in the Wuhan city of China, following an outbreak of respiratory cases in the city.   Since the outbreak of covid-19 on December 2019, there have been speculations and rumours surrounding how the virus affects and hinders the movement of people travelling from one country to another, especially international students, travelling to different countries abroad for their further education. No doubt, covid-19, which was declared a global pandemic in the year 2020, because of its rapid spread all over the world within a short period of time, has actually affected and killed millions of people across the globe. The rapid spread really put a lot of fears and concerns on individuals and countries. All hands were immediately put on deck to see how the disease could be curtailed So, the virus has been a barrier to stude