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Kim Dotcom  // Posts tagged as "Kim Dotcom"

02 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments

The battle isn’t over for Kim Dotcom

Megaupload Piracy Case Kim Dotcom

Megauload’s found scored a victory recently when the raid against his mansion was determined to be illegal, but suspected Internet piracy kingpin Kim Dotcom still faces an uphill battle. While the case against him has weakened, Dotcom is stilling fighting an extradition motion that could see him moved from New Zealand to the United States to face trial. If the extradition relies on the content obtained from the illegal raids on Dotcom’s mansion, however, prosecutors may run into more problems than once thought.

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13 May Posted by in Blog | Comments

EMI Group forces file-sharing service MP3tunes into bankruptcy

MP3tunes Bankruptcy

As the company’s court battles with major music label EMI Group, file-sharing service MP3tunes was forced to file for bankruptcy in a United States court earlier this week, Reuters reports. Mp3tunes, which bills itself as “a Music Service Provider (MSP) and the home of MP3tunes Locker: the only secure, online music space to feature unlimited listening,” is one of a number of online services targeted by major labels and the MPAA for allegedly facilitating the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials; Megaupload was shuttered earlier this year after authorities raided the home of company founder Kim Dotcom, who was arrested and now awaits trial. A federal judge ruled in 2011 that MP3tunes and its CEO, Michael Robertson, did not violate the Digital Millenium Copyright Act when they allowed users to download music from the service, except as pertaining to music files that were identified as having been pirated. The judge also said that Robertson was personally liable for a number of pirated songs downloaded from other file-sharing services and hosted by MP3tunes. The case is still pending.

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18 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments

Megaupload was working on IPO prior to shutdown

Before Megaupload was shut down by the United States government, the company was preparing to go public and enter the U.S. stock market with a multi-billion dollar initial public offering, TorrentFreak reported on Tuesday. Megaupload was reportedly having discussions with top auditors and several of the world’s largest investments banks, however these plans ended abruptly in January. The company’s founder Kim Dotcom, along with six others, were arrested and charged with racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering. Read on for more.

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02 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom: ‘I’m no piracy king’

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom on Thursday questioned his accusers’ motives while speaking to The Guardian. ”I’m no piracy king,” Dotcom told the paper. “I offered online storage and bandwidth to users and that’s it.” Dotcom was arrested in his New Zealand mansion on January 20th after his notorious Megaupload service was shuttered earlier that week as part of a multi-agency sting across several countries. He was released on bail and it currently awaiting trial, having been accused of money laundering, violating piracy laws and a number of other crimes. ”It’s kind of like weapon of mass destructions in Iraq, you know?” Dotcom said during an interview with The Guardian. “If you want to go after someone and you have a political goal you will say whatever it takes.” Read on for more.

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10 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments

Unstoppable file-sharing network ‘Tribler’ spells trouble for copyright holders

Copyright holders thought they had scored a major victory last month when one of the biggest file-sharing networks in the world was shuttered. Megaupload had been responsible for an estimated 30% to 40% of all file-sharing traffic worldwide, but a recent study suggests that the network’s closure did absolutely nothing to slow piracy related to file-sharing. To compound matters, another network that has flown under the radar for some time has now been dragged into the spotlight, and it may pose one of the biggest threats yet to copyright owners and their content. Read on for more.

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